The City of Homewood


Every autumn Homewood residents want to know how to dispose of leaves. If you bag your leaves or place them in garbage cans they will be be removed each week with your regular trash pick-up. There is no limit to the number of bags you can put out. We will gladly take them all away. However, if you choose to rake your leaves, we ask that you abide by the requirements listed below.

Requirements if you don't bag your leaves

1. Leaves must be piled within 2 feet of the curb, not in the street.


2. Leaf piles must be free of trash and debris (including sticks and limbs).


3. Leaves should not be placed where they may interfere with traffic or water drainage.


4. Please do not put leaves in the gutter or storm sewer, this causes flooding. Thank you.


5. Leaves should not block sidewalks, fire hydrants or cover water meters.


6. No work order is required so there is no need to call for pick-up.


Your assistance with proper Leaf Collection is much appreciated.


Route Schedule

It takes approximately 7-8 weeks to complete a pass from one side of the city to the other. If your leaves do not comply with the requirements above, they will not be collected and you will have to wait until the next time we are scheduled for your route.


Routes are determined by Ward, so even though you may see the truck pick up in your area or near your house, if it is not your designated Ward's pick up time, they may stop just short of you. We apologize when that happens, but routes are best served by Ward and not block by block. Thank you for your patience. Weather can also cause some delays to the route schedule.