The City of Homewood


Trash is anything other than food products. Yard waste or brush from your yard, grass clippings, leaves, furniture, mattresses, sofas, chairs, scrap wood etc.


Place Your Trash at the Curb:

Unless you have small items such as grass clippings, leaves and foam peanuts, it is not necessary to bag or otherwise containerize your trash. Trash should be placed on the front edge of your curb (not in the gutter). Please be sure that you don’t pile your trash close to a mailbox, water meter or near flower beds. Please don’t place your trash beneath utility lines. Often, it is necessary to use our large “Boom” truck. This truck has a large swing-away arm to pick up large trash piles, large limbs, etc. Piles beneath utility lines cannot be removed because of the swing arm. Some people prefer to put their trash piles in the alley if they have such access and that is acceptable as well.

Really Big Pile of Trash?

The city will usually pick these items up with the “Boom” truck which has a powerful crane arm to lift large, heavy items. This truck runs a regular route through on your trash day to pick up large trash piles.

Pick-up days & times

Trash is picked up on your scheduled day of the week after 6:30 a.m. throughout Homewood. Please have your trash out the night before, or before 6:00 a.m. on the morning of pick-up. If you are unsure which day your trash will be picked up, call Homewood Public Services: 205-332-6819.

Not Accepted

1. Paint in liquid form, but we do accept it dry. Allow the paints to air dry by removing the lids and opening up the paint to solidify. For a quicker method, use inexpensive kitty litter to pour in the cans and allow it to absorb moisture and solidify the paint. This method will work for both latex and oil based paint. When the paint is hardened, put the can out with the once-a-week trash collection. Be sure to leave the lids off so that the workers can see that the paint is dry. They will not accept it if it is still wet.

2. Automobile tires

3. Refrigerators (we cannot accept anything with refrigerant in it)

4. Freezers

5. Air conditioners

6. Motor oil

7. Medical (such as needles or blood products)

8. Pesticides (liquid or powder)

9. Spray paint

10. Gasoline


Contact The Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) to find out how to dispose of these products



It is unlawful for any owner or tenant of any dwelling to place any leaves, trash, rubbish, mud, earth, limbs and any other debris into a drain or gutter for the purpose of collection.